Information theft has led to the compromise of intellectual property, electronic funds, and a host of other negative consequences. Cybercrime affects individuals, corporations and government entities. Breaches are routinely perpetrated by, ill intended employees, ex-employees, organized crime groups, and foreign government sponsored espionage groups.

 While government mandates are driving clients to address compliance initiatives, the security of many data assets has seen little or no improvements. Many clients are victims of information theft, fraudulent activities, malware etc. They are constantly seeking to understand the potential consequences and methods to recovery. We at eCybersystems help clients to identify threats to information systems and sensitive data assets along with the necessary measures to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyber crime, data theft, big data, ransom ware, malware and other cyber security threats to a client information technology.

Our Services


Our team of cyber security consultants leverage experience in cyber security, defense and cyber intelligence and operations.


eCybersytsems is able to work with organisation’s that have suffered a recent breach by providing world class forensic services


During the cyber security process, our professional consultants will help any client to enhance resilience to cyber-attacks and breaches.


Using Cyber security models, we are able to provide an assessment on how your organization is currently protected against cyber-attacks.